Saturday, August 8, 2009

My First Lemonade Stand

We had a garage sale and my mom said I could have a lemonade stand. I was sooo excited. (Mom's note: It is 2009, we had a "Flavored Water" stand where people could pick out their own flavor and put it in their water bottle--it was a hit! It brought in over $20).

Here is a picture of me at my lemonade stand. I helped my mom make the sign.

I got to walk around to other garage sales and buy some stuff. This is one thing I bought with my money from the lemonade stand.
(Mom's note: We set up the stand at 10:00am and Mariah was off to play at a friend's house at 11:30am. I guess playing with friends is more fun than making money).


  1. Elizabeth had a great time with you this weekend. That dress looks so cute on you!!

  2. I LOVE your beautiful purple dress Mariah :)