Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Mom Doesn't Understand Me

Mariah: Mom, see if you can guess what I am saying (covering her mouth with both hands and mumbling words)

Mom: Ok

Mariah: thaougyhaotuobnarhgotg

Mom: Hmm, what's for dinner?

Mariah: No, guess again. thaoughyhautuobnarhgotg

Mom: Hmm, I like pizza?

Mariah: No, mom, GUESS what I am saying.

Mom: I give up

Mariah: There is an echo in the canyon!

(Mom's edit--holy cow, what was I thinking?! I should have totally guessed THAT!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day at Grandma and Papi's

Here is a picture of me and my cousins.

We rode in our car to Grandma and Papi's house. When we got there, Nina and Maya were waiting for me. We drove our Barbie Jeep all around the yard. I drove the Jeep and then Nina got to drive too. We were laughing and bumping up and down. It was so much fun. Then we ate lunch and then watched a Barbie movie and played outside some more. After the movie, we ate pizza. After dinner, we rode in the Jeep again and went on the swings. Then we went home.

The end.